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German Shorthaired Pointer and East Frisian Gull

German Shorthaired Pointer

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East Frisian Gull

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"Gull hens"

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dog and hen - entertaining, thrilling, useful

Education and Training - a few thoughts

Preconsideration Nowadays there are many books concerning dog training, experts and enthusiast offer all kind of different methods to achieve the well trained dog. All roads lead to Rome. My favorite book has been from the German author Tabel, one of the most considered authors when talking of dog training. While reading the book one experiences that Tabel trained many dogs. His advice can be put into practice nearly as a cooking reciept. The author reflects on the different possible charactes of the dogs that help understanding the matter easier.
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primary school After the phase of orientation the period of primary school follows were the young puppy is taught simple things like taking a seat, lay down or walk aside. It is favorable that the duration of the short lessons do have a relaxed and joyful character. The little rascal is curious and offers himself what should be used for training of new situations like exposure to loud noise, driving in a car, exploring the vicinity of the house and so on. It is crucial to end up a lesson by doing something positive to ease the dog and giving him just a good feeling. Never be to ambitious. It's better to take one step back and learn the lesson right than aiming to fast forward.
nur der durch und durch gehorsame Hund darf an Wild
Training Training the dog means to introduce the basic obedient dog into the requirements of the practical hunting. The training lessens will be extended and the dog has to learn that a task has to be fulfilled independant of the mood of the dog. A central issue for the dog is his place within his pride. Never forget that you are the leading wolf. This must show up in a souveraign way not cruelty. Consequence is one of the most important things that come together with souveraignity. I discovered that ignoring the dog is on of the best ways to force him to subordonance.
in jeder Situation souverän
The hunting dog After the dog is trained he will be in duty. This doesn't mean that training is over, not at all. The knowledge will be extended and improved. The repetition of units leads to a self confident character even within completely new situations. This doesn't mean that training is over, not at all. Lessons are going to be repeated on and on to somehow enter a state of profound knowledge. Finally the routine proofes advantageous within the permanent and different requirements under a practical hunt. Due to the increasing experience the dogs gather their hunting wit and get more and more experienced with time. The ribbon that keeps hunter and dog together tightens with time and increases the hunting fortune. Finally hunter and dog melt together a unit and communication only needs some nearly invisible tokens. Thats the moment when hunting turns into pure pleasure even when no game is checked.

Useful information about keeping chickens

Grist, wheat, laying meal, beetles, worms, and everything that is not fast enough out of sight, fits through the chicken. Chickens have a wide food range. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that you should emphasize, if you want to have, for example, pretty eggs. Especially as a newbie there are always surprises. As far as their sleeping place or their enclosure / aviary, chickens are quite undemanding, but also because, not surprisingly, there are some things that you should pay attention.

As far as their sleeping place or their enclosure / aviary is concerned chickens are quite undemanding. Nevertheless, there are some things that you should pay attention.

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What I offer my poultry and what they set on the list you can find here.

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